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Chris Irvine Delivers Better FileMaker Calculations

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Chris Irvine – LLC

Everybody uses math, even FileMaker developers. Do you have any calculations that are hard to read or seem unnecessarily complex? Have you ever had a calculation that looks great, but turns out to be buggy? When does it matter if your field or variable is the right type? Do you realize that it’s possible for a FileMaker calculation to short circuit?

In this session, you’ll learn how to harness all the power of FileMaker’s calculations with concepts like truthiness, coercion, and date math.

What you should know

It would be helpful for attendees to have some basic familiarity with FileMaker calculation syntax. Gradually more advanced calculation concepts will be introduced during the session.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced

What You Will Learn

  • Real world solution calculations that can be simplified
  • Reasons why simplified calculations are easier to read, process faster, and less bug prone.
  • How not to write a calculation
  • Unlocking the power of FileMaker numbers, dates, times, and boolean values


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