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Beyond Damage Control: Reversing Bad Client Experiences (BUS008)

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Beyond Damage Control: Reversing Bad Client Experiences (BUS008)
Session Speaker: Scott Howard

Session Description
Your client is furious. The project you invested weeks in is toast. Can things get any worse? This session will show you how to recover from these experiences and strengthen relationships with your clients. You will hear real-life experiences, including how to exit bad relationships gracefully.

In this session, we’ll present processes to help you maintain client satisfaction, tips for spotting problems before they happen, and resources for improvement. Learn how to turn customers into fans—and effective marketers!

Recommended Background
Happy clients are one of the main ingredients to your success.

Session Objectives
* Learn steps to recover your client’s confidence after a mistake
* Spot the signs of problems before they happen
* Put in place processes to help maintain client satisfaction
* Embrace the opportunity to learn and improve

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