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A User Sessions Table is used to log when a user opens a database file or closes a database file. This is usually accomplished with the help of scripts that activate on open or close of a database. When the scripts activate, they navigate to a layout that allows for a creation of a new record and attach the necessary information.

When I decided to implement a User Sessions Table, I already had some of the necessary code in place. I had a staff table that is tied to my user accounts and privilege set information. The staff file is used to add user accounts to the system and I setup the roles field in staff to correspond to the privilege set information that FileMaker uses. Also, I had setup a global variable to capture a variety of information on startup. The name of the global variable is $$session and the included calculation is ….

“LANGUAGE:” & cfTab & Get ( ApplicationLanguage ) &

“¶APP VERSION:” & cfTab & Get ( ApplicationVersion ) &

“¶LAST LOG IN:” & cfTab & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) &

“¶DESKTOP PATH:” & cfTab & Get ( DesktopPath ) &

“¶DOCUMENTS PATH:” & cfTab & Get ( DocumentsPath ) &

“¶EXTENDED PRIV:” & cfTab & Get ( ExtendedPrivileges ) &

“¶PRINTER:” & cfTab & Get ( PrinterName ) &

“¶PRIV SET:” & cfTab & Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) &

“¶SCREEN DEPTH:” & cfTab & Get ( ScreenDepth ) &

“¶SCREEN WIDTH:” & cfTab & Get ( ScreenWidth ) &

“¶SCREEN HEIGHT:” & cfTab & Get ( ScreenHeight ) &

“¶SYSTEM DRIVE:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemDrive ) &

“¶SYSTEM IP:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemIPAddress ) &

“¶SYSTEM LANGUAGE:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemLanguage ) &

“¶SYSTEM NIC:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemNICAddress ) &

“¶SYSTEM PLATFROM:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemPlatform ) &

“¶SYSTEM VERSION:” & cfTab & Get ( SystemVersion ) &

“¶USER NAME:” & cfTab & Get ( UserName ) &

“¶DATABASE NAMES:” & cfTab & DatabaseNames

FYI … cfTab is a custom function to put the appropriate number of tab characters between the label for the captured data and the data itself. So the next step was to create the Users Session Table itself and my version has the following fields …

Build A FileMaker Audit - Staff Log In And Log Out

Next up was to add some logic to my startup and shutdown scripts to record those activities to my user sessions table.

Build A FileMaker Audit - Staff Log In And Log Out

Finally, in version 2.7 of InBizness, I’m incorporating role base dashboards as an alternative to the main screen. One of these dashboards is for the companies information technology staff members. Showing startup and shutdown sessions is a natural place to show this information. So here is a peek at what I have setup.

Build A FileMaker Audit - Staff Log In And Log Out Here you can see one of the tabs in the information tech dashboard. This tab allows me to see the log in and log out information of users within the system. You can click this picture to expand your viewing of the image.


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