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Vid Tut: How to build a FileMaker Dialog or Alert in Under 5 Minutes

A Video Tut from Ryan Klenk

It is really nice to see MainSpring coming out with video! It this tutorial one of many we hope to see come, MainSprings Ryan Klenk walks you through building a simple alert (or dialog) in FileMaker 16 in about five minutes. Creating an alert using this tutorial allows for more flexibility, both in terms of appearance as well as follow-up actions available for the end user.

The reasons for building an alert into an application vary greatly depending on each individual need, but here are some basic examples:

  • Notifying or reminding the end user about a task assigned to them
  • Notifying the end user about an update to the application
  • Notifying the end user about a message from another user

If you would like to have Dialogs or Alerts in your FileMaker Apps contact the team at MainSpring!

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