Monday, August 15, 2022
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Build and Design a CLI Plugin for working with Salesforce Bulk API v2.0

Mohith Shrivastava, a Developer Advocate at Salesforce, will create a CLI plugin to work with Salesforce Bulk API v2.0. We will aim to create a CLI plugin command which can perform a bulk query operation.

To watch the second part, click here:

Salesforce CLI Open Source Repo –

Content Chapters

00:00:00 Intro and Motivation
00:04:11 BULK API v1 vs Bulk API v2
00:06:52 Salesforce CLI and Architecture
00:08:25 OCLIF Intro
00:09:00 OCLIF Roadmap
00:09:49 Building an SDK in Node.js for Salesforce API
00:11:39 Build and Debug Node.js Project
00:12:53 Create a Typescript Project
00:28:15 Compiling a Hello world TypeScript Project
00:30:57 Debug a TypeScript Project in VSCode
00:38:18 Scaffolding a Salesforce CLI Project
00:45:22 Building a Hello World Salesforce CLI Command
00:52:07 Building a Command for Executing Bulk Query
00:56:22 Developer channel link



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