Monday, August 15, 2022
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Build Better Software Faster Using Models

The hardest part of building a great app isn’t the coding, it’s staying on the same page with your partners about what you are making! In this session you’ll learn how to improve your team’s communication and alignment by using a framework of 5 conceptual models: 1. Persona Model: who is this for? 2. Value Model: why is it useful? 3. Interaction Model: how do I use it? 4. Object Model: how is it organized? 5. Data Model: how is state managed? Because each of these models addresses a critical part of software product strategy, they always exist as unconscious assumptions in the minds of your project stakeholders. And because unconscious, unshared assumptions are the major source of project misalignment, driving an explicit conversation about the models in people’s minds will bring clarity, efficiency, and quality to all of your software projects.

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