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Carafe 2.2.0 Updates – Soliant

We’re pleased to announce updates to both the Carafe.fmp12 and the Carafe Bundler CLI tools.

These new features streamline the process of configuring, editing, and testing Bundles.

But First, What is Carafe?

To support FileMaker developers in leveraging JavaScript, our team built an open-source tool, Carafe. It simplifies the process of integrating JavaScript in FileMaker without sacrificing functionality. It’s completely free and open-source, and we encourage you to use and add to it! Learn more.

Register Watcher

The new Watcher feature allows you to host the Carafe file and register watchers on different FileMaker client platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and WebDirect with various supported client versions. The main use case for this feature is to automatically smoke test a Bundle on multiple client platforms as you make changes on a development client.

Register WatcherEdit Locally

Several of the new features provide better support for working in development mode as you’re building or configuring a Bundle. You can check out a Bundle into source files on your desktop client, and reload from the linked source. Whenever you refresh the linked source, it triggers an event that triggers all the registered watchers to reload. There are also new streamlined push options in the CLI client. See the Carafe Documentation and/or the Carafe GitHub project for more on working with the CLI.

Edit Locally

Deploy Development Mode

Sometimes it’s difficult to perform proper integration tests with just sample data. The new Development Mode deployment option creates a link back to Carafe so that you can deploy the bundle to a real solution for data with merged configs and template from Carafe as you make changes. Once your configuration and template are ready, you can swap out the development build with a production build and remove the development dependency on Carafe.

Deploy Development Mode

Get the Carafe 2.2.0 updates

Change Log

Carafe 2.2.0


  • Added an overwrite option to the Import Carafe Bundle script
  • Improved editing and debugging options from within FileMaker
  • Added opt-in Bundle watcher to automatically refresh the Bundle preview on change
  • Added Development mode to deployment options
  • Added Send Carafe Bundle option to support ingesting Bundle from the file system

Bug fixes

  • CodeSandbox previewName type bug
  • Deployment bug in CDATA terminating character combo

Carafe Bundler CLI 2.0.0


  • Added configurable watchedFiles to support Bundle projects with their own separate build mechanism
  • Added configurable sendFmpUrl to support custom FileMaker file and script names
  • Added new send-server which automatically sends changes to FileMaker

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