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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Video Tutorials

Build a Contacts List and Import Sample Data – Claris FileMaker Pro Training (Course Excerpt)

In this lesson, we learn how to import sample data into a Claris FileMaker Pro file and create a list view of contacts. This...

Claris FileMaker Pro Beginner Course Available (and FileMaker training series announcement)

Whether you are just starting your journey on the Claris Platform or a seasoned veteran and want to sharpen your skills, this course and...

Learning FileMaker: Before you dive in

Learning how to use and develop within Claris/FileMaker Pro can either be frustrating or super rewarding. This video is a great head start...

Host your Claris FileMaker Solution with Productive Computing

In this video, we discuss the features and benefits of hosting your solution with Productive Computing, Inc. We also explore PCI's different hosting plans...

The All New Claris Platform: How Does it Stack Up Against FileMaker?

Claris releases the Claris Platform Bundle which includes Claris Pro, Claris Go, Claris Server, Claris Studio, and Claris Connect. Learn about what was...


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