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CCTimer New for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and WebDirect – FileMaker Today

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Here is a look at CC Timer from Cleveland Consulting… New for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and WebDirect, CCTimer! It has long been relatively easy to create a simple timer in FileMaker Pro, however if you wanted to see your timer counting up or down, and have that timer persist through the file closing, opening, layout mode, and system restarts. Well that was less straightforward.

We needed a timer to do just that for our own purposes and thought we would take the project one step further and create a clean utility to create a simple and easy to integrate timer and make it available to others in the community. Enter CC Timer. Made elegantly and available now. It depends on FileMaker 14 to fully function and requires no plugins. Inexpensive enough for anyone to purchase easily and completely unlocked.

The simplest way to get familiar with what it does and how it came about is to watch this short video:

To purchase CC Timer and see more from Cleveland Consulting…tap or click here…

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