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Claris Connect, an example Tutorial Video

Doing the simple is hard. Someone recently reminded me of this when discussing business workflow. Tasks like scheduling, calendaring, communicating and sending notifications are individually manageable, in a world where tools for these tasks exist online. Calendars, email, databases, Slack, and a collection of other apps and services make this possible.


It may be that digital transformation is already well-supported, but it’s often at an isolated, siloed level. There’s an app for that, a different service for this, and customized applications can be built and deployed when tailored innovation is needed.

But how do your apps and services and applications talk with each other, especially supporting a growing workload of tasks and workflow automation across functionally-diverse teams of users?

Integration. Automation. Orchestration.

That’s where Claris Connect comes in. It’s an integration platform that allows you to automate workflows by stitching apps and services together, seamlessly. Simple and accessible for everyone to get started, Claris Connect also promises robust capabilities for professional developers, including support for functions like conditional logic, error capture, flexible approval flows, robust security and deployment across both on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Fabio Bosisio, senior developer, put together a demo of Claris Connect-driven workflows for interactive scheduling and purchase order approvals, which you can see in the video.

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