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Claris Engage 2020: Exploring the Low Code Boom (panel discussion)

When Claris first launched FileMaker, long before “low-code” was a buzzword, our community was blazing a trail to simplify technology for businesses and problem solvers alike. In just the last five years, low-code experienced explosive growth, creating a murky landscape and overwhelming many businesses looking for solutions they can trust.

In this panel, Stephen Nellis, technology correspondent for Reuters, will lead a conversation between Claris CEO Brad Freitag, and business leaders from Solis Digital, Safeguard Medical, and more, to explore why the world has finally discovered low-code, the myths vs. the reality, and where it all may lead next.

Moderator: Stephen Nellis (Reuters)
Participants: Brad Freitag (Claris CEO), Jordan Watson (Solis Digital), Taylor Erickson (SafeGuard Medical), more participants to be announced

Topics to be discussed:
What is low-code? How is it distinct from “no” or “pro” coding? Why is there so much confusion around these terms?
Why has this market now exploded in a way we didn’t see in the past 30 years?
Which sectors of the economy will be most impacted by the rise of low-code over the next 2-5 years? How and why?
What’s going to make the difference between “winners” and “losers” in the low-code space?

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