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Claris Engage 2020: Looking Ahead to Emerging Technology (panel discussion)

Noted technology journalist and industry analyst Ross Rubin brings together leaders from Claris and the community to discuss the emerging technologies driving the next wave of digital transformation. From the Internet of Things to machine learning and AI, this expert panel will explore which companies and industries are innovating the fastest, highlight current benefits and future opportunities, and surface the practical implications businesses need to consider when taking on these initiatives.

Moderator: Ross Rubin (ZDNet & Reticle Research)
Panelists: Eric Astor (Furnace Records), Gery Pollet (Blyott), Steve Winter (Matatiro Solutions Limited), Niousha Zadeh (Claris).

Topics to be discussed:
At the developer and organization level – who is driving adoption and what are they trying to get done.
Resourcing & roadblocks – where are the biggest skill gaps and why are some companies resisting these changes
Security in IoT and machine learning – testing, hardening, and trusting these tools
The next frontier in automation

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