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Claris FileMaker 19 New Features Overview

Have a look at our summary of the new or changed features in FileMaker 19 platform from Claris.

In this video, we look at these new FileMaker Pro features:
– Dedicated area for Add-ons with install/uninstall capability
– JavaScript integration directly between FileMaker Pro and web viewer
– Siri Shortcuts support in FileMaker Go
– Card support in FileMaker WebDirect 
– Various improved layout design tools
– macOS Dark Mode support in FileMaker Pro
– New function to detect light or dark mode with Get(SystemAppearance)
– Set default file to open when FileMaker starts
– Support for HEIF images (High Efficiency Image File)
– Stop and start scanning for NFC (near field communication) tags
– Configure Machine Learning Model with Core ML
– Functions to work with ComputeModel evaluations
– Convert paths between FileMaker and standard formats
– Various changes and improvements to selected functions
– Change minimum version allowed when the file is hosted

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Thanks for watching!

  1. John Mark Osborne says

    Awesome job Marc!

  2. fmWorkMate says

    Super summary of the best bits – Thanks! (saves me from doing it for our team)

  3. Garland ODay says

    Thanks Marc…. great summary and out on first day of release! Great job!

  4. Taylor Sharpe says

    Great job Marc! Thanks for promptly sharing and great summary!

  5. Neil Nguyen says

    Thanks, Marc. Great video. I like your channel! Great job!

  6. Dominick Capobianco says

    Good job. Thank you for taking the time to review FM 19.

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