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Monday, June 5, 2023

Claris Licensing Price Increase | DB Services


Claris licensing price increase

Claris takes pride in their commitment to having the best development platform on the market. To continue supporting their commitment to improving their platform and products, they are making their first price increase to their licensing in four years. This includes their most known widely known product, Claris FileMaker Pro.

Recently, they have made significant investments in their platform and products that we are very excited about, including the upcoming Claris Studio, Claris Pro, Claris Problem Solvers Circle, and Claris Platform Bundle. These additions and improvements have resulted in enhanced performance, security, and reliability of Claris products. 

Beginning September 24, 2022, a 10% increase in licensing price will become effective for all new and renewal customers. 

Claris will honor in flight quotes. They will also honor existing quotes through September 23, 2022, so be sure to renew by then to save money on licensing!

Renew Your Licensing Now

Contact us to renew your Claris license before the price increase takes effect on September 24, 2022. You can renew early for up to 5 years to save money on licensing. We also offer FileMaker Development, FileMaker Support, FileMaker Training, and FileMaker Coaching. Contact us today for a free analysis and consultation! 

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