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Claris - SalesForce - A.I.

Faster Copying of Two-Factor Authentication Codes in Messages

As a convenient time-saver, Safari will automatically detect, and fill SMS-based two-factor authentication codes received in Messages. This feature allows for faster login completion—no code retrieval necessary. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow additional developers access to such codes in Messages. So, for other web browsers—like...

Using the Salesforce API in Claris FileMaker

Trailhead is a terrific way to dive into Salesforce vocabulary so you can translate your expertise into Salesforce’s terminology....

Need help with A.I., Salesforce, FileMaker, Business Apps or Solutions

To find an FMT affiliate developer for your Business App or Solutions build or integration, you can follow these steps: Research and identify potential affiliate developers by searching FMT's new developer directory "here soon", forums, and freelance platforms. Evaluate the developers' portfolios, ratings, and...