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Clickable Images – Using HTML Image Maps – FileMaker Today

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Just like fashion, there are certain technologies which often cycle around and find new life in our modern tech world. A great example are animated gifs. And speaking of making the rounds, don’t forget about the 20 plus year old tech of HTML Image Maps.

Since FileMaker Pro has integrated Web Viewers and with the addition of FileMaker’s fmp:// url, we’ve long been able to integrate images with irregularly shaped areas offering any number of polygonal objects which are user clickable.

If you deal with any kind of map, seating chart, irregular shaped real-world object which requires specific defined areas, then look no further than HTML Image Maps. No Flash required here.

The biggest issue with using this straight forward tech is the time it takes to generate the defined object regions. That is, unless you know how to use the right software which makes the process a breeze. The rest is integrating into your FileMaker layout.

Using OmniGraffle to generate clickable HTML image maps, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate this old, but reliable, technology within your own FileMaker solutions. Need to make that company blueprint of all the corporate meeting rooms a clickable map? Look no further than this video. It has pretty much everything you need!


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