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CloudMail 2.0 Released: Faster. Easier. Analytics Included!

We have launched CloudMail 2.0! Email marketing in FileMaker just got better with the following new features in CloudMail:

  • Analytics Included! CloudMail can now automatically add analytics tracking for platforms like Google Analytics to your CloudMail campaigns.
    No manual parameter set up required! Your CloudMail data will be passed back to your analytics reports and you can view metrics such as Source, Medium, and Campaign names. Additionally, we have added view tracking for emails sent as plain text (previously tracking could only be done in HTML).
  • Easier to integrate into your FileMaker solution. CloudMail comes ready with an easy-to-use campaign management database, but if you prefer to use your own you can now simply copy and paste the tables and scripts to your solution.
  • Faster campaign result downloads. We have doubled the speed of retrieval and real-time views and clicks can be tracked in your FileMaker database!

With 360Works CloudMail, you can send individually customized e-mails directly from FileMaker to any size audience without worrying about SMTP server limits, while getting all of the subscription management and delivery statistics of the external delivery services. CloudMail uses a FileMaker plug-in combined with Amazon Web Services virtual hosting and e-mail sending to accomplish this at very affordable prices. Because this all happens with FileMaker scripts, you can automate this process to fit your business needs. You can also view deliveries, opens and clicks within seconds of sending from your FileMaker database!

Demonstration mode is available for CloudMail 2.0 and does not require any AWS set up to begin sending messages! You can use CloudMail right away in demonstration mode, as much as you want, for up to 10 recipients. After 2 hours of use, you will need to quit FileMaker and restart to continue using the demo.

Download your copy today.

360Works builds FileMaker Pro plug-ins and add-ons, such as SuperContainer, MirrorSync, and ScriptMaster, 360Works offers consulting and programming services for FileMaker Pro for businesses worldwide.

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