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CodeLive with Kevin Poorman | Episode 56


For show notes, shout outs, and other relevant links and resources, check out this episode straight from our website: https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2020/11/episode-56-codelive-with-kevin-poorman.html

Kevin Poorman is a Senior Developer Evangelist with Salesforce. In this episode, Joshua Birks sits down with Kevin to talk about his CodeLive series where Kevin and a guest pair program interesting and unique solutions and ideas for Salesforce. Kevin gives a general overview of the show, but they also dig a little deeper into some highlighted topics from it.

And while Kevin is mostly known for his Salesforce skills, he actually has a Master’s in Divinity, as well. Tune in to hear all about CodeLive as well as his experience with the diverse combination of software engineering and religion.

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