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Colibri Catalog 2 – New Version of FileMaker Go 13 Demo Now Available – FileMaker Today

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We are happy to announce version 2.0 of our free Colibri Catalog solution for FileMaker Go 13.

Colibri Catalog 2 – New Version of FileMaker Go 13 Demo Now Available

Colibri Catalog 2.0 debuted at this year’s FileMaker Developer Conference, and it adds a refreshed new UI, many optimizations and bug fixes, and support for One-Click solution updates.  The solution is open and can be modified as desired.

To use Colibri Catalog 2.0, start by downloading the FileMaker Go 13 app to your iOS device. Then add Colibri Catalog to your iPhone or iPad and the CCConnect file to your FileMaker Server environment.  To use one-click:

  • Rev Colibri Catalog to a new version (2.1).

  • Copy the new version of Colibri Catalog into the container field in the download screen in CCConnect.  The version has already been set to 2.1 in CCConnect.  Set the FileMaker Server IP address correctly.

  • Click on the version number on the Home screen of Colibri Catalog.  This opens the One-Click download screen.

  • Set the IP address for your FileMaker Server and tap the download button.  The version will update to 2.1 automatically.

  • Look at the One-Click Version Updates script folder under Manage Scripts in Colibri Catalog to learn how it all works.

We will continue to update Colibri Catalog with new features and functionality over the coming year to support new iOS device sizes and features.  Leave your comments to let us know how you are using Colibri Catalog in your own business or development.

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