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Connect FileMaker to Mailchimp API

The Connect FileMaker to Mailchimp API online video training course walks you through the step by step process of seamless integration of your FileMaker solution with any available Mailchimp module resource through their API.

The downloadable unlocked sample file will be demonstrated to uncover each part of Create-
Read-Update-Delete (CRUD).

Harness the power of Mailchimp with the versatility and control of FileMaker.

Mailchimp is truly one of the most powerful marketing tools available. It is real facts about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) in the marketing strategy (or lack thereof) of a business. Pieces of information such as who opened emails, when, how often, clicks, and so much more can absolutely change your business results. And it can all be at your FileMaker fingertips.

Customize the Mailchimp Dashboard to match your style and needs.
In the past, if you wanted access to all of the wonderful stats in Mailchimp, you must follow their ‘logic’ and thought process for navigation and data manipulation.
However, if you have all of the Mailchimp data in your FileMaker solution, you can now create whatever layout design and flow you choose. You decide what you want to see and when. That alone may be the best reason to integrate. Instead of trying to learn how another software company thinks just so you can hopefully get the information you want, put all of their data in your personalized FileMaker layout that already matches how YOUR brain works and flows.

You now have the power to customize any of the juicy details that Mailchimp has to offer.
It could be in the form of very specific reports to answer very specific business strategy questions to eliminate waste or increase return on investment. Or it could be simply having all of the related data for a contact readily available in a tab panel next to their phone number so you can have an intelligent conversation instead of guessing or forgetting important details that could make or break the customer relationship.
It’s not just about having more data. It’s about being able to control how you view, use, and interpret the crucial information that Mailchimp has about your efforts with your contacts.

Best Practices for Integration 
Integrating software through REST APIs has become more and more important and prolific. For those who have never attempted an integration, it may appear overwhelming or more difficult than a foreign language. However, once you have observed the process of a successful integration from start to finish, a whole new world becomes available.

In the Connect FileMaker to Mailchimp API course, we walk through each part of the integration process. While there is extensive documentation, we discovered, and demonstrated, that there are several areas where even those with API experience have difficulty accomplishing.
Sometimes there are important elements missing in the documentation. Other times there are brazen assumptions made that cause huge delays in completing the connection.
Though all APIs are very similar, they are also very different.
For this reason, you will save hours and hours of time and frustration by taking the course instead of trying to finish the process on your own. We know, because that is how we had to do it.
Sometimes the instructions are in the wrong place. Other times it is missing completely. Sometimes the instructions are not clear. And still other times it is incorrect in practice.
When you have seen the demonstration of the downloadable sample file and know what to look for, where to look for it, what to do, and what not to do, the entire connection process almost becomes instantly magical.

In both marketing and FileMaker development, doing the wrong thing over and over is frustrating and expensive. But when you can follow along step by step successfully, so many new opportunities for growth and improvement start snowballing down the path of productivity.

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