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Connect FileMaker to Stripe API Overview

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processing methods worldwide. By learning how to connect FileMaker with their API (Application Programming Interface), you can now seamlessly work with all data from a Stripe account for reporting, tracking, integration, and of course, processing a payment.

This course demonstrates the included sample file from start to finish.
You will see each aspect of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) completed step by step for several Stripe modules, all working together to ultimately process a payment with one click in your FileMaker solution.

Also covered in this course are integration options and strategies for keeping all data synchronized between FileMaker and Stripe.

Even if you have worked with other APIs, this course will save you hours of time by visually seeing the exact process from start to finish instead of scouring through vague, confusing, or incomplete documentation.

While all APIs are very similar, they are also very different. Understanding the concepts for the Stripe API will be extremely helpful for any API process. Seeing a step by step process that points out the common pitfalls with specific examples will open a whole new world of possibility in solutions for you and your clients.

Stripe is a leading provider of payment processing in the world of SaaS websites and the like. You could think of them as a modern-day PayPal but made for businesses. Here are some specific advantages of Stripe and why you’d want to use them:

• Many of today’s SaaS software offerings come pre-built to work with Strip as a payment gateway process. So, they are very popular already and growing daily.  They have become the standard for website integration payment gateways in today’s modern age of website tools.
• Unlike Paypal, Stripe provides a fully integrated “Subscription Service Model” as an option so that the vendor can offer a RECURRING payment option for customers.  Stripe is a payment processor that can support that model because they offer our ability to take, store, maintain, and manage credit cards in a secure way WHILE at the same time setting people up with an automatic recurring subscription record that vendors don’t have to physically maintain themselves.  This is huge and one of the biggest advantages of Stripe over many other options.
• Stripe is very affordable and competitive with the fee structure.
• Stripe has one of the strongest APIs available. It’s a mature API that is well supported, well documented, and highly adopted as a result in the marketplace mainly because it’s a Developer-friendly platform.  Think of them as the “AWS” for payment processing.  A strong platform, great tools, lots of options, bells and whistles.
• Stripe has a great website.  Their management portal is robust, yet clean and easy to navigate.  There are also advanced features that businesses need such as you can have multiple team members with various access levels into the Stripe merchant account.  They can accommodate multiple accounts so that you can categorize your different line of businesses all within the same master account. They have reporting, ability to export, and well defined and mature tools that can handle both the small needs of the entrepreneur or the advanced needs of the enterprise.
• Stripe was created first and foremost with developers in mind.  It’s power really shines in the hands of a developer which is why it’s already integrated so heavily in so many of today’s website tools.

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