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Contactless Receipts Fast

Contactless Receipts Fast
Doug Newnham (Tasty Fresh Pty Ltd)

Learn how I used Claris Connect, Twilio, Slack, plus two other APIs to provide contactless receipts in only a week to help Tasty Fresh keep operating during the initial outbreak of COVID-19. This session covers how to make your JavaScript or HTML webviewer printable and how to handle two way communication via SMS and Twilio.

0;08 – Introduction
0:25 – Session Overview
3:10 -On The Road With Midget
5:12 – Why Contact Receipts?
10:05 – Watching The Tech
11:09 – HTML Conversion to JPG
13:16 – A New Problem!
16:35 – Connect to the Rescue
18:28 – Determine Mobile Carrier Type
20:06 – Setting Up Twilio to Receive Text
24:14 – Connecting Twilio to Slack
29:45 – Wrap Up

Brought to you by Claris International Inc.

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