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Converting A Job With Line Items To An Invoice In FileMaker – FileMaker Today

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A client hired me for 1 hour of support time to create the script to take a job record from his file and convert it to an invoice … and … include the line items from the job. Not too bad … here is the script I used … the # is the comment that was in the script.

#Grab The ID Of The Job

Set Variable [ $JobID; Value:Jobsheets::Jobsheet Number ]

Freeze Window

#New linked invoice

Go to Layout [ “Invoice” (Invoice) ]

New Record/Request

#Bring Over The Job Data Via A Relationship

Set Field [ Invoice::fk_JobNumber; $JobID ]

Commit Records/Requests

Set Field [ Invoice::Client; INVOICE_Jobsheets::Client ]

Set Variable [ $InvoiceID; Value:Invoice::Invoice Number ]

#Create Invoices Line Items

Go to Layout [ “Jobsheets” (Jobsheets) ]

#Go to the line items for the job

Go to Related Record [ From table: “Jobsheets Items”; Using layout: “Jobsheets Items” (Jobsheets Items) ]

[ Show only related records ]

Go to Record/Request/Page

[ First ]

Go to Object [ Object Name: “INVOICELINE” ]

#Set Each Job Line Invoice Field Equal To The Invoice ID you set to a variable earlier and then create new invoice line items using a relationship that creates related records on the fly.


Set Field [ Jobsheets Items::fk_InvoiceNumber; $InvoiceID ]

Commit Records/Requests

Go to Portal Row

[ Select; Last ]

Set Field [ JOBLINE_Invoice Items::Qty; Jobsheets Items::Qty ]

Set Field [ JOBLINE_Invoice Items::Unit; Jobsheets Items::Unit ]

Set Field [ JOBLINE_Invoice Items::Description; Jobsheets Items::Description ]

Go to Record/Request/Page

[ Next; Exit after last ]

End Loop

# Go To The New Invoice Record

Go to Layout [ “Invoice” (Invoice) ]


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