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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Claris Pro - SalesForce - Claris Studio

How to Reduce Workload for Both Humans and Servers

Several years ago, we built a FileMaker system for an advertising firm that needed to pull in data from several external sources: phone calls,...

How to Build a Publisher Salesforce Lightning Web Component

Through our work for our clients, my team and I have built an entire library of Salesforce Lightning Web Components. Today I’m going to...

How to Use GAUs to Track a Nonprofit’s Funds in Salesforce NPSP

Restricted Funds in Nonprofits Restricted funds are a vitally important part of the nonprofit industry. They’re a useful and effective way to structure fundraising efforts....

Stripe Payment Links v. Integrated Payments

Stripe Payments and Stripe Payment Links are both services provided by Stripe, but they serve different purposes and have distinct features. Let’s delve into...

Merging the FileMaker & Claris Platforms

That sounds like something from Survivor, but this is about the Claris and FileMaker platforms merging into a single platform. Back in September 2022, Claris...


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