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Creating and Growing an FileMaker Empire in Your Organization (FileMaker in Action 009)

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Title: Creating and Growing an FileMaker Empire in Your Organization Track: FileMaker in Action 009
Speaker: Garrett Reedy
From: Booz Allen Hamilton

Session Description
Navigating the challenges associated with implementing FileMaker as a consistently utilized and consolidated tool within an organization can be difficult.

This session will focus on identifying opportunities for FileMaker implementation within an organization, how to help educate others on FileMaker’s capabilities and garner leadership approval. Learn about capturing and reporting impact, providing support for large volumes of systems and users, and organizing a successful development and support team.

What you should know
Experience with the capabilities of FileMaker and a need for their organization to improve the use and impact of data by utilizing FileMaker.

Products & Technologies

Session Materials

What You Will Learn
• Successfully implementing the FileMaker Platform within a larger organization
• Supporting a high volume of FileMaker systems with limited resources
• Easily capture and report the impact of FileMaker-based systems and processes
• Overcoming challenges associated with integrating into an existing IS environment

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