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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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CumulusCI with David Reed | Episode102

David Reed is an elite member of the technical staff over at Today I talk with him about all things CumulusCI, the open source continuous integration engine that they created and support. Tune in to learn details about how developers can leverage its many features and companion applications.

David is not only interested in computers but also very into history and classics. He even has a Master’s degree in ancient Greek. Tune in to hear more from him and learn tons of information on CumulusCI.

Show Highlights:

How David learned Salesforce.
What he does in his current role.
What drew him to automation and the DevOps cycle.
Why CumulusCI can be called portable automation.
Why it’s easy to reproduce in Cumulus.
The pain points that it can solve.
Tasks that it can automate for both admins and developers.
The advantages of Python.
How to layer CumulusCI on top of your current process.
What Program Management Module is.
Goals for the future of CumulusCI.

David on Twitter:
David on LinkedIn:
David on GitHub:
Build Applications with CumulusCI on Trailhead:
CumulusCI repo:
CumulusCI documentation:
PMM repo (example CumulusCI project):
A MetaDeploy instance for customer delivery (runs CumulusCI automation to install complex products):

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