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DB Services Named Claris FileMaker Partner of the Year 2021


Claris excellence award winner growth partner of the year americas 2021

DB Services is thrilled to announce that on December 15, 2021, they were named the Claris Excellence Award FileMaker Growth Partner of the Year for the Americas for 2021. This is DB Services’ 5th consecutive year bringing home the award from Claris International Inc., an Apple company. The award is presented annually to each region’s Claris partner that achieves the highest revenue through direct and influenced sales of Claris products, has a clear definition of business growth, and carries a “win together” approach to business through licensing knowledge and marketing investments.

DB Services CEO, Kevin Hammond, reflects on the award: “It is an unprecedented honor to be given the Claris Growth Partner of the Year award for 5 years running. Our incredible team and drive for innovation and growth continue to put us at the forefront of the Claris space.”

DB Services’ mission is to make organizations more efficient and effective through digital transformations while offering superior service and exceptional expertise. With over 19 years of Claris FileMaker experience, DB Services is dedicated to advocating and growing the FileMaker community. 

Since 2003, DB Services has provided custom applications and workflow solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, K-12, Universities, nonprofit organizations, and more.  DB Services is also Claris Business Alliance Platinum Member, and provides FileMaker DevelopmentFileMaker SupportFileMaker TrainingFileMaker Cloud Hosting and FileMaker Licensing. With over 20 Certified FileMaker Developers and 5 consecutive Partner of the Year awards, DB Services is considered one of the top Claris Partners in the country.

For a complimentary analysis and consultation, contact DB Services or give us a call at 888-488-0191.

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