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Demystifying Source Format and the Salesforce CLI


Salesforce DX is a broad suite of tools that enable modern software development and deployment on the Salesforce Platform. But, it’s not an all or nothing proposition. At the heart of this suite is the Salesforce CLI. Whether you embrace the use of Scratch Orgs or prefer using Sandboxes, the CLI has you covered. In this session, you’ll see how using the CLI in place of the Ant Migration Tool allows you to take advantage of the finer grained source code control enabled by the “Source Format” supported by the CLI, and much more! Running tests, importing data and simplified secure authentication are all part of the CLI, enhancing your development process. Learn how to ease into Salesforce DX incrementally and upgrade your development and deployment processes. You’ll see live demos, get refreshed on recently releases features, and learn from our product owners how to get started with the Salesforce CLI, Source Format, and more!

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crm erp


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