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Demystifying SSL (Advanced 006)

Demystifying SSL

FileMaker DevCon 2017 Advanced Track

Mislav Kos | Soliant Consulting

Session Description
SSL is a critical part of security, but its mechanics are not well understood. We all use SSL on a daily basis as web users, but many of us couldn’t say what is in an SSL certificate, what role certificate authorities play, or why it’s important to use a custom certificate with FileMaker Server.

This session will demystify SSL, explain its constituent parts and the steps in the process, and walk through the steps of getting and installing a custom certificate.

What you should know
No prerequisites.

What You Will Learn
* Learn the mechanics of SSL, how digital signatures work, and what the role of certificate authorities is
* Understand why the FileMaker Server standard certification should never be used in production
* See how to get and install a custom certificate
* Hear about some of the possible pitfalls you may encounter when setting up and using SSL with FileMaker




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