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Digital Transformation: Lost in Translation

Digital Transformation: Lost in Translation
Will Mercer
Informing Designs, LLC

Even with comprehensive tools provided by Claris, going through a digital transformation can feel like you have jumped out of a plane and parachuted into a country where you don’t speak the language. Businesses speak one language and developers speak another. And while they can learn the other’s language, it can take time and that costs money! In this session we will focus on the very real challenges of planning, implementing, and sustaining digital transformation from both the business and developer perspectives. Participants will leave with concrete actions to take in order to navigate technical change and go from lost in translation to confident in communication.

0:08 – Introduction
6:22 – Digital Transformation Overview
11:16 – The Players
18:35 – Creating Understanding
29:02 – Storytelling
36:03 – Transformation Tools
41:54 – Lesson Learned
51:51 – Conclusion

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