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Doing a mass export of all data, using FileMaker’s native ExecuteSQL function – FileMaker Today

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[FMT Connect Link] We like to intoduce you to Peter Grot and his Grot’s Blog. Recently at work we had a customer request for a facility to do a mass export of all their data.  The reason why such a facility did not already exists requires a little background.

Denbigh Admin” is our primary product.  While we do other work as well, this is our bread and butter.  Denbigh Admin first started out around 1998 as “.fp3” files.  Back then, a FileMaker Database file had exactly one table.  So in order to add modular functionality, new files were created and added as necessary.  Eventually, we exceeded 100 database files in our file set, which got entertaining when you consider that FileMaker Pro clients could only open a maximum of 50 files at a time back then!  When FileMaker Pro 7 came out, the “.fp7” file format allowed multiple tables in the one file, and we conducted some table consolidation around modular functionality (and user privilege areas), reducing to an eventual set of 47 files.  Over time, that has slowly crept up again, and we are now up to 83 files and around 250 tables or so, depending on which version of Denbigh Admin you have, and what customisations were specified.  I forgot to mention, every copy of Denbigh Admin is customised for each and every customer.  No two are identical.

Anyway, back to the customer request.  Because of the background I mention above, there actually isn’t a single facility in Denbigh Admin to export or import all data at once.  Where we have to upgrade a customer’s files, it’s always in specific modules only, and since no two are exactly the same, we never worried about a generic export & import setup.

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