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With the KiBiz Business Management Platform, we have created all of these integrations and connections for you.

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So many businesses today have made the decision to forgo the potential domestic and global growth that can come through online sales. For most, it is the fear of complication. Their fears center around the connecting of their products to an online cart, either on their own website or connecting to a larger marketplace like Amazon and many others.

At the same time, it can be so frustrating to see all of your competitors enjoying significant growth through a global e-commerce strategy while you sit on the e-commerce sidelines.

According to a report by Statista, the revenue from e-Commerce amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars in 2019 alone. The estimation for 2022 is almost double, 6.54 trillion dollars. The main reason is the shift in customer behavior and the strategic decisions taken by online retailers. The future of e-Commerce in 2020 looks very promising for both consumers and retailers.


Seamless and automated connection of your products to the world-wide online community. This is the secret to e-Commerce success. Whether through the internal connection of your products to a shopping cart on your website for shoppers who visit your site, or the external connection of your products to shoppers visiting global marketplaces (like Amazon), you need one business and process management platform that integrates both your internal shopping cart and external marketplace connections.

With the KiBiz Business Management Platform, we have created all of these integrations and connections for you. You can confidently bring growth to your business without those old worries and fears getting in the way of your success.


KiBiz Seamlessly Connects Your Products to the Global Marketplaces!


For more information on how KiBiz Systems can Help your Business run more efficiently, automate your work processes and expand the reach of business to eCommerce and new marketplaces your can take these next steps.

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