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Download links, Separate Installer and More: MirrorSync 1.5 Now Available!

iOS Downloads, NEW Installer and More…

360Works MirrorSync, a FileMaker synchronization tool, has been updated to version 1.5. This version is a free upgrade for all current users, and includes new features and bug fixes. 

We’ve given the MirrorSync installer a complete makeover, setting MirrorSync up as its own process. Also included in this update, our new iOS download feature makes distributing modified and new copies easy. 

Download and install the update at

Download links: Get your changes to them faster than ever.

Distribute files easily from the server

Now, you can distribute new copies of your file quickly and easily. Make modifications or layout updates? It’s no problem with our new iOS features. Users are given a link that is easily accessible and downloads the latest copy of your file with all your changes. Disable the link at any time to prevent unauthorized access.

Copies of files can still be downloaded straight from MirrorSync and emailed, sent via Dropbox, or any other method. 

Independent MirrorSync Installer

MirrorSync now runs in its own process, installing completely separately from the Web Publishing Engine.  This means that you can run MirrorSync where most convenient, even installed on a different computer than FileMaker Server. By having its own separate installer, MirrorSync is more stable, and reduces the load on the Web Publishing Engine.

Our new installer also comes with a lightweight admin application, allowing you to view the current installations of MirrorSync and stop, restart, and start as needed. 

Hosting providers who provide MirrorSync will be pleased to know the installation process is much easier for multiple installations of MirrorSync. Hold down ALT on Windows when installing to define a new name for an instance, or select hosting provider installation in Mac. Either way, the process is now completely automated. 

Full changelog

Features and Improvements in 1.5

  • NEW! Download links- instead of downloading a database and sending a copy of it to your users, you can generate a URL that you send to your users. Whenever they trigger this URL, it will download the most recent copy of the database from the server.
  • Complete overhaul of the installer, which functions outside of WPE- makes both MirrorSync and the WPE more stable, and users no longer need to run MirrorSync on the same WPE machine.
  • Now includes a native Mac Installer, certified for use with Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper.
  • NEW! interface with easy to read icons
  • Bug fixes and improvements, including a bug with adding new tables to the sync configuration, launching MirrorSync for the first time, and empty modification timestamps. 


360Works builds FileMaker Pro plug-ins and add-ons, such as SuperContainer, MirrorSync, and ScriptMaster, 360Works offers consulting and programming services for FileMaker Pro for businesses worldwide.

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