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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Enterprise Heroku Support with Chris Stolt and Phil Ripperger

Chris Stolt is one of the original founders of Enterprise Heroku Support and the co-founder of Elm Insights. Today we are sitting down to talk with both him and his fellow co-founder, Phil Ripperger. In our conversation, we talk through the early days of Enterprise Heroku Support including some of the horror stories they’ve been through. We also discuss their current product, Platform Experts, over at Elm Insights.

These two men were a part of the original customer support team for Heroku when it was first bought by Salesforce and have worked together ever since. Tune in for an incredible conversation between us three.

Show Highlights:

How Chris and Phil built the customer support department for Heroku during its acquisition.
The benefits of engineers going into customer support.
The unique technical challenges Heroku presents.
How the Enterprise Heroku Support team had to practice transparency.
How Shaq boosted their traffic.
How they plan for big events like Shaq’s Twitter announcement.
How they supported Trailhead’s success.
Why they started Elm Insights and what Platform Experts does for developers.
Why Slack was their tool of choice.

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