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Enterprise Security with Kyle Tobener | Episode103

Kyle Tobener is the VP of IT and Enterprise Security over at Copado. Today we talk about his experience in getting into enterprise security, how Salesforce and cloud computing play into security, and some general advice on security.

On top of fulfilling his role at Copado, Kyle runs a very popular Tik Tok account where he delivers some interesting facts on security. Tune in to hear it all.

Show Highlights:

How Kyle became an IT professional.
What his transition from a support role to an engineering role was like.
The unique challenges of managing the security of cloud companies.
How Kyle paved roads at Salesforce for people to do things flexibly but also safely.
What Copado does.
Why early developers should learn and integrate security as soon as possible.
Why it’s cheaper to prevent security vulnerabilities early on.
What can happen if we ignore SOQL injections.
What the static code analyzer PMD does.
How Kyle got into Tik Tok and what he does on his channel.
What bug bounties are.
How “Capture the Flag” prepares people for cybersecurity careers.

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