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Estimating & Storyboarding with Accuracy (Business 006)

Estimating & Storyboarding with Accuracy
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Business Track

Session Description
This session will discuss the importance of storyboarding, different ways to storyboard, and how to estimate a project properly. I’ll discuss my method of breaking down a project to identify how long it will take to complete. There will be a short demo of an estimating tool I developed in FileMaker and I’ll discuss how to use that information to prepare an estimate and manage the project once it is started. Lastly, I’ll do a test case with details about a project I completed and compare estimates to the actual cost.

Recommended Background
In order to estimate properly one should know the developer’s level of experience to roughly calculate the amount of time needed to accomplish the requirements of the project.

Session Objectives
* Different ways to storyboard
* How to estimate properly
* Tools you can use to help you estimate
* How to manage the projects to stay within the estimate

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