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Even Non Developers Can Improve Business Efficiencies with Claris FileMaker

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Even Non-Developers Can Improve Business Efficiencies with Claris FileMaker
Beth Murillo (Renaissance Maintenance, Inc.)

Bring the small business that has outgrown its spreadsheet “database” model into the 21st Century! Using FileMaker Pro and Claris Connect, you can connect all of your silos, increase your office efficiency, and see profit margins CLIMB. Eliminating those office redundancies will free up time to focus on bringing in more revenue. And you do not need to be an expert developer to make an impact. Follow these three key tenants: (1) move away from spreadsheets, (2) connect your silos of information, (3) keep information at your fingertips to get started.

0;08 – Introduction
6:57 – The Problems @ How to Overcome
13:33 – Connecting the Silos
18:48 – Easy Access

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