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Exploring the JSON GetElementType Function for Claris FileMaker (free lesson from PCU Course)

In this video, we learn all about the new function for Claris FileMaker Pro called JSON Get Element Type. This function (JSON GetElementType) allows you to analyze JSON documents to determine if they are valid. If they are valid, you can request a section of the JSON document to look at, and the function will identify the type of JSON you are working with. This video is a free lesson from the PCU Course, API Fundamentals for Claris FileMaker and is geared to developers already familiar with JSON.

== Get the course! ==
▶️ https://www.productivecomputinguniversity.com/courses/API-fundamentals-for-FileMaker

== Video Chapters ==
00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Discuss this lesson from the Productive Computing University course, API Fundamentals for Claris FileMaker.
01:47 – JSON GetElementType Lesson begins
03:19 – Get Sample JSON Text
06:29 – Validate JSON (JSONLint.com)
07:21 – Explore JSON Get Element Type Return Types
12:19 – Other Examples (in the Claris help file)
12:43 – Benefits of the JSON Get Element Type function
13:59 – What’s next? Learn More about the Claris FileMaker Data API

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