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Exporting vCards from FileMaker Pro 13 – FileMaker Today

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This shouldn’t be as hard as I am making it, but in order to make the solution cross platform, it requires a little extra complexity. In theory, you should just be able to concatenate all the required fields and text into a global field and then export the vCard text from that field using Export Field Contents.

Why use a Virtual List to Export this file?

The reason for using the Virtual List technique is because of UTF-8 text formatting issues, which I have discussed before. The script step ‘Export Field Contents’ generates a UTF-16 formatted text file, which some Calendar apps don’t see as valid. The ‘Export Records’ step has the option of generating a UTF-8 formatted text file, which Calendar apps accept.

After testing different formats on Mac and Windows, including UTF-8, it seems that the Windows ANSI format will work on both platforms.

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