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Extending the Functionality of the Claris FileMaker Calendar Add-On

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In this video, we connect the Claris FileMaker Add-on to an existing work orders file that we also created from scratch. You’ll learn how to:
1) Create a sample work orders file to connect with the calendar add-on.
2) Download and import sample work order data.
3) Install the calendar add-on
4) Connect the add-on to the existing work orders system
5) Learn how to remove the calendar time by making records “all day” events.
6) Connect the color-coded styles based on work order type.
7) Learn how to add tooltips
8) Create a filter to display records by technician name.
8) Learn how to work with the included buttons and how to refresh the calendar via scripts and script triggers.

== Video Chapters ==
00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Original Question
01:04 – Lesson Begins
01:39 – Download Sample Data
02:27 – Import Sample Data
03:29 – Review the Fields
07:17 – Install the Add-On
10:48 – Configuring the Add-On
11:41 – Create Primary ID
13:59 – Create Date and Time Fields
17:35 – All Day Events (no time)
19:55 – Make Non-Editable
22:01 – Close Window
23:34 – Close and Refresh
25:07 – Color Coding (Styles)
27:09 – Calculate Style
31:38 – Add Tooltips
38:31 – Filter Records
43:05 – Add New Record

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