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External Authentication Options: EA, SSO, AD, OD, OAuth, LDAP (Advanced 002)

External Authentication Options: EA, SSO, AD, OD, OAuth, LDAP
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Advanced Track

Session Speaker: Wim DeCorte | Solíant Consulting

Session Description
The FileMaker platform has supported External Authentication (EA) since version 7, and with FileMaker 16 there are now 3 new authentication providers to keep accounts by using OAuth through Google, Amazon or Microsoft Azure.

This session will recap those External Authentication options and demonstrate how to set them up and use them. It will also clear up any confusion about LDAP, SSO and Directory Services in general, and highlight what works and doesn’t work in WebDirect and Go.

What you should know
Basic knowledge on FileMaker accounts and privilege sets.

What You Will Learn
* What is External Authentication, SSO. LDAP, oAuth?
* How to use External Authentication
* How to set it up and test External Authentication
* What are some of the common troubleshooting approaches if it does not seem to work?

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