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F2X Server Edition – FileMaker to Xero integration – FileMaker Today

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FMT News – Auckland, NZ – April 29, 2016 – Foundation Data announces the immediate availability of F2X Server Edition. F2X Server Edition is the server-side plug-in that enables you to easily exchange data between a FileMaker Pro solution and the Xero™ cloud accounting app.

Xero, the ‘beautiful’ cloud accounting app that is taking the accounting world by storm, already has an extensive ecosystem of Add-Ons in the cloud. F2X Pro 2.0 provides the FileMaker community with a way to join this exciting new market by updating existing solutions, developing new desktop solutions or ‘FileMaker-in-the-cloud” hosted solutions that integrate with Xero.

F2X Server Edition is technically identical to the world-beating F2X Pro 2.0 client-side plugin. You can develop an integration using F2X Pro 2.0, then convert your scripting to “Perform Script On Server” or you can simply run scheduled scripts on the server. It’s that simple.

Having a server-side plugin additionally means you can offer Xero integration from web and FileMaker Go clients.

Where the magic really starts is with the licensing!

When you buy a F2X Server Side license it licenses you for a single Xero account. You log on to our secure web interface to enter that account. You can change it as required. You can add more Xero accounts by contacting us and we, just like FileMaker, will pro-rata the extra license(s) for the balance of your current billing period. You can deploy the license on various servers so long as they are only used to access your currently registered Xero accounts.

F2X Server Edition is the ideal solution for the following scenarios;

  • In-house developers can deploy Xero integration for several entities under the same roof*

  • Developers with a multi-tenanted “franchise” solution can deploy multiple Xero integrations on the same server*

  • Developers can deploy a single license across multiple solutions on multiple servers, simplifying the admin enormously

  • In all cases, the license can be scaled up and down as required, eliminating the significant up-front cost of a conventional developer/worldwide/enterprise license  and enabling the developer to match income to expenses.

* providing you keep within the letter and intent of the FileMaker Server EULAs.

So effectively, it is a developer/worldwide/enterprise/server license all in one!

What does it cost?

F2X Server Edition is available with a single Xero account for US$300.00 per year. Additional Xero account licenses are available for USD150.00 per year (pro-rata’d for the first initial part-year)

Need Help?

We offer hourly rate support to FileMaker developers, should you need it.

About Foundation Data Ltd

Since 2006 Foundation’s certified development team has been helping its customers become more effective by implementing custom software solutions using FileMaker Pro and complimentary technologies. Foundation offers a full range of FileMaker development and hosting services to a wide range of industries.

Foundation Data is based in Auckland, New Zealand with clients in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Fiji and NZ.

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