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Feature comparison for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect – FileMaker Today

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There are different benefits for using FileMaker Pro to access your solutions versus using FileMaker WebDirect.  Although FileMaker WebDirect is very similar to FileMaker Pro, it does not have all the features of a FileMaker Pro network client.  The following table provides some of the benefits of each:

 Benefits of using FileMaker WebDirect

 Benefits of using FileMaker Pro

  • Easily and quickly deploy a solution to anyone with a compatible web browser without using web authoring tools or other technologies

  • Access data from most devices, whether from a home office or while traveling

  • Import or export records and container data

  • Deploy a custom web application by hiding and locking the menu bar and status toolbar

  • Modify the database design, including fields, layouts, scripts, relationships, value lists, and more.

  • View records in a spreadsheet-like table in Table View

  • Interact with a solution using multiple windows

  • Enter data with rich text formatting

  • Print complex, multi-page reports

  • Interact with the operating system and file system with automation and predefined scripts

  • Check the spelling of data

  • Customize the menu bar or the status toolbar.

Supported and Unsupported Features In FileMaker WebDirect

 Supported Features

 Unsupported Features

  • Implicit record commits

  • Data entry validation

  • Conditional formatting

  • Modern layout themes

  • Script triggers

  • Quick find

  • View records in different layouts and views

  • Add, duplicate, and delete records

  • Import and export records

  • Add and edit data in fields

  • Search the database to view a subset of records

  • Create snapshot links to share found sets with FileMaker Pro users

  • Sort the database to rearrange the records

  • Add, delete, or modify fields, layouts, scripts, relationships, value lists, or other database schema

  • Rich text styles

  • Click objects that are located behind other layout objects

  • Table View

  • Multiple windows support

  • Custom Menus

  • Layout mode

  • Preview mode

  • Importing data from External Data Sources (Bento, XML, ODBC)

  • Adhoc charting

  • No script authoring & related script tools

  • OnObjectKeystroke and OnLayoutKeystroke script triggers


For additional information see the FileMaker WebDirect Guide.

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