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FFLib and Apex Design Patterns with Eric Kintzer | Episode106

Eric Kintzer is a Salesforce Architect over at Helix. Today I talk with him about FFLib and Apex design patterns. We discuss how his discovery of Andrew Fawcett’s book on the topic changed his entire perspective on architecture and development.

Eric describes himself as an all-singing, all-dancing Salesforce developer, architect, and admin. He has had to identify business needs, architect around them and then develop the solution himself. As a result, he has a very interesting journey and unique insights to bring. Tune in to learn more from him.

Show Highlights:

Eric’s Salesforce journey.
His approach to Apex and other complex programs.
How Andrew Fawcett’s design architecture book changed Eric’s career and life.
The four key design patterns in that book.
How enterprise patterns impact testing.
What a mock object is.
How the FFLib project works and its many advantages.
How to migrate to FFLib well.
Why FFLib is important if you care about your craft as a developer.
How Eric got involved with Stack Exchange.

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