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FileMaker 13 and Advanced 13 Latest Release Notes and Issues – FileMaker Today

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This document provides information about late-breaking and other issues in FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. For further information, please see FileMaker Pro Help, consult the documentation included with your software, or visit our support resources at


0. Upgrade Installation Issue

0.1. Some installations of FileMaker Pro 12  and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced are not recognized by the FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced upgrade installer. Learn More >

1. Script Steps

1.1. The Insert From URL script step supports UTF-8 only.

1.2. Performing the Delete Record/Request script step in a portal row now deletes the related record instead of the master record.

2. Calculations

2.1. Names of script triggers, functions, and keywords related to tab controls have been changed to encompass panel controls. Calculations containing string literals that include the old names of these items may return syntax errors. For example, an error may be returned if the Evaluate function refers to “isFrontTabPanel.”


 Old name

 New name

 Script trigger












3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Any object that cannot be placed inside a portal also cannot be added to a popover that is part of a portal. This includes web viewers, portals, panel controls, and interactive containers. (Interactive containers will render as container fields without interactive capability.)

3.2. The file type option “Excel 95-2004 Workbook (.xls)” has been removed from the Specify Output File and Save Records as Excel dialog boxes. Any scripts that involve Excel will now select “Excel Workbooks (.xlsx)” instead. In scripts that reference .xls, the destination filename extension will be changed to .xlsx when that script step is executed.

3.3. If you ungroup objects whose visibility is controlled by a calculation, the calculation will be deleted. To save the calculation for later use, copy it from the Inspector “Hide object when” text box and save it to another file (such as in Notepad or TextEdit) before you ungroup the objects.

3.4. By default, a custom theme has the same name as the predefined FileMaker Pro theme on which it is based. To avoid confusion, rename the custom theme.

3.5. When a file you are opening is hosted, you may see an icon in the lower-left corner of the FileMaker Pro window. This icon indicates the security level of the connection to the host. A Image icon means the connection is encrypted (SSL). A Image  icon means the connection is encrypted (SSL) and verified with a certificate. For more information, see your database administrator.

4. Documentation Errata

4.1. FileMaker Pro Help states that after file conversion to FileMaker 12 format, files will only be compatible with FileMaker Pro 13 or later supported versions. This is incorrect; files will be compatible with FileMaker Pro 12 or later supported versions. However, although FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 13 use the same file format, using FileMaker Pro 12 to modify files that use features new in FileMaker Pro 13 is not recommended.

4.2. FileMaker Pro Help refers to the FileMaker Server Upload Database assistant for uploading a database to FileMaker Server. This is incorrect; in FileMaker Pro, click Share in the status toolbar, then choose “Upload to FileMaker Server” to upload a database.

4.3. FileMaker Pro Help refers to the Save Layout and Revert buttons in Layout mode. These buttons have been removed in FileMaker Pro; use the menu commands Layouts menu > “Save Layout” and “Revert Layout” instead.

4.4. FileMaker Pro Help states that the Open URL script step is fully supported in FileMaker WebDirect. This is incorrect; FileMaker WebDirect does not support the file:// protocol, because it does not have access to the file system on the server.

5. APIs, Technologies, or Features to Be Deprecated

As FileMaker Pro evolves, the list of APIs and technologies it supports may change. FileMaker recommends that you migrate your solution to use other APIs, technologies, or alternative features of the product, because the deprecated features may be deleted from this or a future version of the product. For information about features that have been changed or removed, see “New features in FileMaker Pro 13” in Help.

5.1. OS X: Support for Bento data will be deprecated. To assist you with migrating Bento data to FileMaker Pro, you can use the Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool. For more information, visit

5.2. Support for inserting QuickTime media file types into container fields using the “Insert QuickTime” command will be deprecated. (“Insert Audio/Video,” its replacement, which was introduced in FileMaker Pro 12, will still be supported.)

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