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FileMaker 13 Popover Power – FileMaker Today

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Have you discovered the big advantages of FileMaker’s Popover objects? Not using FileMaker 13 yet? This video may have all the reasons why you should switch as quickly as possible.

In this video, I showcase how simply powerful a Popover button can be. I was deciding whether I should call the video and file “Single Step Coding” because so many of the objects within the popover only use one single script step. I decided, however, that what I was really showing was how much power you get when you pack a lot of functionality within a Popover object.

Within one little Popover, I show you how to create, edit and delete data without ever closing the popover. This is all done in a very elegant fashion making your solution seem very clean, yet quite powerful.

Because of FileMaker’s Popover objects and sliders, your user interface may need a serious overhaul. These UI elements are game changers in how users interact with solution data. Long gone are the days of “show it all” layouts!

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