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FileMaker 14 @ Metropolis Studios in 47s

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“Metropolis is Europe’s largest independently owned recording complex. Metropolis actually had an enterprise-class finance system installed. It was by SAP. Getting on top of our billing was becoming a problem. We couldn’t get any information out. In a matter of weeks we completely replaced that expensive enterprise-class system with a FileMaker solution of our own.” Oli Sussat – FileMaker Systems Developer

“We can adapt it across our whole business and wherever we go it can go with us.” Ian Brenchley – CEO, Metropolis

“With the newest version of FileMaker you can actually interact with the audio/visual player in-line inside the layout.” Oli Sussat – FileMaker Systems Developer

“It’s incredibly flexible and it adapts exactly to what we need it to do.” Ian Brenchley – CEO, Metropolis

“As we grow and develop we know the FileMaker Platform will grow and develop with us. It isn’t just supporting our growth, it’s enabling it.” Oli Sussat – FileMaker Systems Developer

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