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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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FileMaker 17 Add-On Tables

In this video, we take a deep dive to explore the new FileMaker 17 feature called “Add-On Table” (Add On Tables). Using FileMaker 17 Pro Advanced, we look at how these objects are constructed for us saving time on building FileMaker schema as this tool adjusts FileMaker tables, relationships, value lists, scripts and in some cases, layouts too!. It creates FileMaker buttons, tooltips, and even adds the script parameters when necessary.

Also, we explore a bit of “magic” on how FileMaker decides what qualifies as a primary key ID field versus one that doesn’t. If you’ve wanted to know more about this one feature in better detail, have a look.

Here at Productive Computing, we’re aiming to bring more visibility to the FileMaker platform by way of these videos and are excited to share with the community these great features from our broad perspective and many years of first-hand experience with the FileMaker platform.

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