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FileMaker 18 File-based script steps – script error logging

Natively create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files – thus replacing the need for many file-base plug-ins.

In addition, you can easily debug your workflow automation by toggling the ability to write information about script errors to a log file.

Why is this important?

FileMaker can read from or write data files created by FileMaker Pro Advanced or other 3rd party applications which are useful in cases like writing to log files or exporting data out of your FileMaker solution in a custom format.

And you can control whether errors are logged while scripts are running using the Set Error Logging script step.  An entry is added to the ScriptsErrors.log file, saved to your Documents folder, whenever a script step returns a nonzero error code.


File-based script steps and script error logging


  • Read and Write to external data files
  • Perform file management tasks which include deleting and renaming files
  • Write script errors to a log file which can be used for debuting scripts
  • Include the results of additional calculation expressions to aid in debugging a problem

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