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FileMaker 18 New Features: File Based Script Steps

More than ten new script steps have been added in FileMaker 18 that allow you a great amount of control over the primary aspects many types of files.

Creating, opening, modifying, closing, renaming, deleting, or just gathering some basic information about files can be extremely helpful in the right solution. However, even though each of those processes sound simple, there are several critical nuances that you will need to grasp before enjoying the benefits of these script steps.

Whenever you are working with files, it is crucial that the process is done correctly or there can be extreme consequences. One small misunderstanding can cause an avalanche of data loss or corruption.

It is not difficult to use these script steps, but it is vital that you eliminate assumptions in the strict process and are fully aware of the common misconceptions and pitfalls. Then you will be able to be productive at the highest level with minimal risk involved.

When you understand these, it opens the door to even more possibilities with the new Set Error Logging feature!

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